Our Customers

Ratan Exim is an export oriented strategic business unit formed by the visionary entrepreneur Late G D Bagaria in the 1950s. The organization had a humble start with mica mining, manufacturing and exporting, primarily to meet the need of some select customers in Eastern Europe and USSR.

At that time little did one know that this small step in the mica field would become such a giant move that generations would follow. In 1991, the firm was declared the Biggest Exporter of Mica in India. Comprising a workforce of more than 1000 employees Ratan Exim has a customer base of some the biggest names in the mica and insulation field spanning USA, Japan, Korea, Australia and Eastern & Western Europe including Poland, UK, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, USSR. With Patience and Perseverance the company has scaled greater heights adding new and more advanced products each year.

Mr. Bagaria left behind him a legacy for his son Manoj Bagaria, with a workforce of more than 1000 employees.

The management thrives to meet the challenges andever-increasing requirements of the electro-technical and insulation industry. The state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is located in Jharkhand and Rajasthan, which according to the British Geological Survey have the largest deposits of mica in the world. The sourcing of the best quality mica directly from the mines does give the company a competitive advantage, which reflects in the quality of the final products.

Our Customers

Ratan Exim is committed to quality which has been long governed at every aspect of its operations, at every stage of production process, thereby guaranteeing consistent supply of high quality products. The management has a practical customer oriented approach and is committed to long term business relations with its customers.

Our Values :

Our Values

a. Quality – Nothing attracts customers more than quality. Customers are loyal to quality and hence to the company.

b. Price – We always thrive to become more and more price competitive by adding value to the product and supply chain and increasing productivity.

c. Costs – The Company strives to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness of any business processes to compete globally

d. Delivery – We ensure timely shipments

e. Employees – We believe good employee is an asset. Therefore we always invest in good people.

f. Innovation – We keep innovating and offer our customers nothing but the best, nothing but the latest.

g. Ethics – We do not compromise on our business ethics and corporate social responsibility even if it hits the Company's bottom-line i.e. profitability.

Quality Management :

Quality management system at the company has always been one of the key strength areas .It is this simple yet critical philosophy which has made the company stand the test of time and proved to be the jargon which has won the company accolades and appreciation from customers all across the globe continuously and continually.

The raw material is tested and inspected by the QC department prior to issuing to the shop floor for production.

Process control is carried out at every step of production activity by means of adequate control and systems deployed at the right places.

In case of discrepancies at any stage the material is barred from entering the next stage, thereby resulting in a perfect final product. Final inspection is then carried out as per buyer's specifications.